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Official statement by

Public Political Movement - Free Caucasus

on situation in Georgia


Due to the current troubled social and political situation in Georgia, the Public Political Movement “Free Caucasus” considers it its duty to:


1.      state that


while significant part of Georgia is under Russian occupation and while Russia is preparing for a new aggression against independent state of Georgia, we consider any political confrontation in Georgia to be destructive.


2.      call for


the Government of Georgia and the leaders of opposition groups in Georgia to solve all political disputes through negotiations, open dialogs and through the finding mutual compromises.


3.      remind that


main goals of the recent Russian military aggression against Georgia and expected new conflict being prepared by Russia on the Georgian soil are both disintegration of GeorgianState and setting up the Kremlin’s puppet regime. 


4.      call for


Georgian people to be watchful during unstopping information terror orchestrated by the Kremlin to not to be provoked by those forces, who for their own political ambitions are ready to plunge the Georgian people into civil confrontation.



Free Caucasus 

Isa Munaev, Chairman, Free Caucasus (Chechnya)

Rusudan Giorgberidze, Vice-Chairman, Free Caucasus (Georgia)

Safar Sadigi, Vice-Chairman, Free Caucasus (Azerbaijan)

Iljas Musaev, Specialist on Caucasian ethnical groups (Chechnya)

Helen Krag, professor, CopenhagenUniversity, specialist on Caucasus, consultant of the PPM Free Caucasus (Denmark)

Carl Erik Foverskov, consultant of the PPM Free Caucasus (Denmark)

Shakhin Ataev, Organizing Committee, Free Caucasus (Azerbaijan)

Gullu Djangirova, Organizing Committee, Free Caucasus (Azerbaijan)

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